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We offer a selection of beauty treatments including Lash lifting, tinting, waxing and massage. We're here for your quick brow maintenance or an hour of relaxation.

L A S H  &  B R O W  T R E A T M E N T S

Skin test is required 24- 48 hours prior 

Lash lift & tint - Lashes are lifted and tinted giving you the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes with no maintenance. The lift lasts 6-8 weeks, we recommend a tint in between to keep the dark lash line if desired.

Tinting - Tint is applied to the lashes or brows to darken and give you the appearance of thicker lashes and brows. Lasting between 2-4 weeks. 
15 mins 


W A X I N G 

Avoid using any harsh skincare products, particularly on the face prior to a wax. These products include
Retinol, Glycolic acid, Accutane, AHA skincare 
Please consult your therapist if you are using any of the above.

Waxing lasts upto 3-6 weeks depending on hair type and growth. 

We recommend to not pluck or wax in between appointments this can affect the lasting benefits of a wax. 


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M A S S A G E 

A wellbeing boost, time to relax & unwind, or heal parts of the body using pre blended essential oils and desired pressure to suit your individual needs. 

Face, neck & scalp- Relieves tension in the head & face, helping with headaches and congestion.
20 mins 

Back, neck & shoulder - Focusing on the back and working on the shoulders up to the neck to relieve any stress and tension in the upper body.
Relaxing or deep pressure.
30 mins

Full body- Starting with a relaxing foot ritual to balance and relax the senses. Followed by a full body massage including the above areas, arms & legs for full relaxation.
Relaxing or deep pressure 
60 mins


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